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Language understanding that is efficient, accurate and scalable

Here are some examples

Our technology works across domains, requires minimal integration and no data, linguists or machine learning developers

  • Travel

  • IoT

  • Scheduling

  • Support

  • Other

"Schedule a meeting with Mark and Tom between 12:00 and 14:00 next week Monday and book a restaurant near the office"

You want to:

Schedule a meeting

You might also want to:

Book a restaurant

Important info

Mark and Tom


From 12:00 - 14:00

Restaurant (office proximity)

...but we're not limited to any domains

Our generic language understanding engine identifies the intents and classified attributes in any domain without the need for prior training.

Test Buddi Alpha

Just type in something in the field above and I'll start working...

You want to:

Book a hotel

Coming Soon!

Stay tuned...

What you see here is a generic breakdown of the intents and all of the different attributes. For your specific conversational bot we just need to define the main intents (what should it be able to do?) and name the actual slots (fields). We then automatically solve the variability without any need for data or training.

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